Download Meiji Tokyo Renka (Japanese Movie)

By Unknown  |  Juni 08, 2019

Download Meiji Tokyo Renka (Japanese Movie)

Movie: Meiji Tokyo Renka
Romaji: Meiji Tokyo Renka
Japanese: 明治東亰恋伽
Director: Hiroshi Soejima
Release Date: June 21, 2019
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan

Set after the drama series "Meiji Tokyo Renka." High school student Mei Ayazuki (Rikka Ihara) has travelled back in time to Tokyo in the Meiji period. She meets various historical figures from that time period. The identity of mysterious magician Chari (Yutaka Kobayashi) is revealed.

Based on visual novel “Meiji Tokyo Renka.” That visual novel was produced by Mages company and was released as a mobile game in 2011 by Dwango company.
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