Download Hit and Run Squad (Korean Movie)

By Unknown  |  Juni 12, 2019

Download Hit and Run Squad (Korean Movie)

Movie: Hit-and-Run Squad (English title)
Revised romanization: Bbaengban
Hangul: 뺑반
Director: Han Jun-Hee
Writer: Kim Kyung-Chan, Han Jun-Hee
Producer: Lee Sung-Hoon, Lee Min-Soo
Cinematographer: Kim Tae-Kyung
Release Date: January 30, 2019
Runtime: 133 min.
Genre: Crime / Action
Distributor: Showbox
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Eun Shi-Yeon (Kong Hyo-Jin) is a police lieutenant. She is demoted to a hit-and-run investigation team from the regional investigation unit at the National Police Agency. At the hit-and-run investigation team, Eun Shi-Yeon works with Police Constable Seo Min-Jae (Ryoo Joon-Yeol) and Woo Sun-Young (Jeon Hye-Jin). They try to catch Jung Jae-Cheol (Cho Jung-Seok). He is the first Formula One racer in South Korea, but he suddenly retired as a race car driver. He is now businessman.

Lee Je-Hoon  was first offered the lead male role, but declined. 
Filming began March 11, 2018 and finished August 11, 2018
First 12 still images for "Hit-and-Run Squad."
Hit and Run Squad-Kong Hyo-Jin.jpg Hit and Run Squad-Ryoo Joon-Yeol.jpg Hit and Run Squad-Cho Jung-Seok.jpg Hit and Run Squad-Yum Jung-Ah.jpg
Kong Hyo-Jin Ryoo Joon-Yeol Cho Jung-Seok Yum Jung-Ah
Eun Shi-Yeon Seo Min-Jae Jung Jae-Cheol Yoo Ji-Hyun
Jeon Hye-Jin Lee Sung-Min Hit and Run Squad-Son Seok-Koo.jpg Key
Jeon Hye-Jin Lee Sung-Min Son Seok-Koo Key
Woo Sun-Young Jung-Jae Ki Tae-Ho Dong-Soo

Yoo Yeon-Soo - Chung-Jang
Lee Sung-Wook - Hyung-Kwan
Kim Go-Eun - straight hair
Park Ye-Young - Yeo-Jung
Park Hyoung-Soo - Choi Kyung-Joon
Lee Hak-Joo - Karuma
Bae Yoo-Ram - Detective Park
Shin Joo-Hwan - Detective Shin
Kim Tae-Gyeom - plain clothes detective 3
Ryoo Kyung-Soo - traffic division conscripted policeman
Kwon Hyuk - prosecution investigation officer 1
Park Yoon-Hee - deputy department head
Han Yi-Jin - sports car man
Cha Rae-Hyoung - secret room man 1
Jung Soo-Kyo - secret room man 2
Ahn Sung-Bong - suit 3
Lee Do-Guk - highway patrol 2
Lee Hae-Woon - national highway man
Hwang Gyoo-In - betting man 1
Kim Young - Jae-Cheol's alumnus 1
Kim Yoon-Bae - highway man 1
Ha-Min - disciplinary committee 2
Jeon Kwang-Jin - reporter 3
Jung Soo-Ji - epilogue female police officer

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