Download 5 Million Dollar Life (Japanese Movie)

By Unknown  |  Juni 20, 2019

Download 5 Million Dollar Life (Japanese Movie)

Movie: 5 Million Dollar Life
Romaji: Gooku Yen no Jinsei
Japanese: 五億円のじんせい
Director: Moon Sung-Ho
Writer: Naomi Hiruta
Producer: Hitoshi Endo, Kosuke Oshida, Hiroko Matsuda
Cinematographer: Shigeru Tajima
Release Date: July 20, 2019
Runtime: 112 min.
Genre: Drama / Road
Distributor: New Cinema Project
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan

When Mirai Takatsuki (Ayumu Mochizuki) was a young child, he had a life threatening disease. His life was able to be saved after collecting five hundred million yen through public donations. He is now a healthy high school student, but he is having a hard time living up to people's expectations and media attention. One day, he decides to kill himself and he writes down his intentions on SNS. He then receives a message from a stranger. The message states "if you want to die, you need to return the five hundred million yen first." Mirai Takatsuki then sets out on a life altering journey.

Ayumu Mochizuki - Mirai Takatsuki
Anna Yamada - Asuka Tachibana
Ryu Morioka
Satoru Matsuo
Sumire Ashina
Mutsuo Yoshioka
Shingo Mizusawa
Taro Suwa
Junko Emoto
Ryotaro Sakaguchi
Mitsuru Hirata
Naomi Nishida

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