Download Sadako (2019) (Japan Movie)

By Unknown  |  Mei 17, 2019

Download Sadako (2019) (Japan Movie)

Movie: Sadako
Romaji: Sadako
Japanese: 貞子
Director: Hideo Nakata
Writer: Koji Suzuki (novel), Noriaki Sugihara
Release Date: May 24, 2019
Genre: Horror
Distributor: Kadokawa Pictures
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan

Mayu (Elaiza Ikeda) is a psychology counselor at a hospital. She begins to counsel a girl (Himeka Himejima) who is protected by the police. The girl does not remember anything including her own name. Mysterious cases begins to take place around May. Meanwhile, Mayu's younger brother Kazuma (Hiroya Shimizu) is a YouTuber. He wants to get more viewers and decides to sneak into a burned down site where 5 people died.

Based on novel "Tide" by Koji Suzuki (published March 25, 2016 by Kadokawa Shoten).
Movie's theme song is “Seisen” by Japanese rock band Queen Bee.
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Elaiza Ikeda - Mayu Akikawa
Takashi Tsukamoto - Yusuke Ishida
Hiroya Shimizu - Kazuma Akikawa
Himeka Himejima - mysterious girl
Ren Kiriyama - Minoru Fujii
Rie Tomosaka - Hatsuko Sobue

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