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By Unknown  |  Mei 03, 2019

Leaving the Scene (Japan Movie)

Movie: Leaving the Scene
Romaji: Hikinige Saiko no Saiakuna Hi
Japanese: 轢き逃げ 最高の最悪な日
Director: Yutaka Mizutani
Writer: Yutaka Mizutani
Release Date: May 10, 2019
Runtime: 127 min.
Distributor: Toei
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan

Shuichi (Masei Nakayama) is engaged to Sanae (Ryoko Kobayashi) and they will marry soon. One day, Shuichi is driving a car and his friend Teru (Hoshi Ishida) sits as a passenger. He is speeding because he is late for a meeting about his upcoming wedding ceremony. On the way there, he hits a woman and flees. The woman dies later and her parents Hikaru Tokiyama (Yutaka Mizutani) and Chizuko Tokiyama (Fumi Dan) are grief stricken. Veteran detective Kozaburo Yanagi (Ittoku Kishibe) and rookie detective Shun Maeda (Katsuya Maiguma) investigate the hit-and-run case.

Movie's theme song is “Kokoro no Komete” by singer Aoi Teshima.

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