Download The Great Battle (Korean Movie)

By Unknown  |  April 22, 2019

Download The Great Battle (Korean Movie)

Movie: The Great Battle (English title) / Ansi Fortress (literal title)
Revised romanization: Ansisung
Hangul: 안시성
Director: Kim Kwang-Sik
Writer: Kim Kwang-Sik, Kim Yoo-Jin, Park Eun-Kyo
Producer: Koo Tae-Jin, Kim Yong-Sun
Cinematographer: Nam Dong-Geun
Release Date: September 19, 2018
Runtime: 135 min.
Genre: Action / Period-7th Century
Distributor: Next Entertainment World
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

In 645, massive Tang forces, led by Emperor Li Shimin (Park Sung-Woong), invade Goguryeo kingdom. Goguryeo forces, led by Yeon Gaesomun (Yu Oh-Seong), are defeated repeatedly. Yeon Gaesomun decides to retreat to Pyongyang Castle which is the capital of Goguryeo and he orders Sa-Mool (Nam Joo-Hyuk) to kill Yang Man-Chun (Zo In-Sung). Yang Man-Chun is the lord of Ansi Fortress and Yeon Gaesomun calls him a traitor for not taking part in the war with the Tang forces. Sa-Mool travels to Ansi Fortress to kill Yang Man-Chun, but, there, he is touched by the way Yang Man-Chun cares about his people.

Meanwhile, Emperor Li Shimin and his Tang army are nearing Ansi Fortress. The fortress resides on the Tang forces' march to the capital of Pyongyang. Yang Man-Chun and his army decide to defend Ansi Fortress to the death.

Filming began August 23, 2017 and finished January 24, 2018.
Park Bo-Gum was offered a role, but declined.
Lee Byung-Hun declined an offer to appear in the movie.
Nine character posters for movie "The Great Battle."

Yu Oh-Seong - Yeon Gaesomun
Jung Ji-Hoon - Da-Woo
Park In-Soo - Lee Jeok
Joo Suk-Tae - Ko Hye-Jin
Kim Wook - Noolham
Han Chul-Woo - Bu Bok-Ae
Shin Yoo-Ram - Seolingwui
Kim Gil-Dong - Asanasai
Ok Ja-Yeon - wife of soldier 3
Son Young-Soon - Woo-Dae's mother
Yoo Sang-Jae - Yeon Gaesomun's adjutant
Yoon Young-Kyun - Mak-Deok
Lee Yu-Su - Tang translator
Ha Soo-Ho - warrior (Tang spy) 1
Kim Jae-Rok - person in charge of repair
Jo Suk-Hyun - person in charge of repair
Yoo Jung-Rae - woman who doesn't speak
Yeum Moon-Keung - Baekha military unit
Jang Joon-Nyoung - jangson weapon

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Download The Great Battle (Korean Movie)

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