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By Unknown  |  April 15, 2019

Movie: The Dude In Me / Inside Me
Revised romanization: Naeanui Neukom
Hangul: 내안의 그놈
Director: Kang Hyo-Jin
Writer: Shin Han-Sol, Jo Joong-Hoon, Kang Hyo-Jin
Producer: Kim Dong-Joon, Lee Seo-Yeol, Lee Seung-Hyo
Cinematographer: Son Sam-Woong
Release Date: January 9, 2019
Runtime: 122 min.
Genre: Fantasy / Comedy / Switched Bodies
Distributor: TCO
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Dong-Hyun (Jin Young) is a high school student. One day, he falls from the rooftop and bumps into Pan-Soo (Park Sung-Woong) who is a passerby. Pan-Soo is a member of a criminal organization. When the two men wake up in the hospital, they discover that they have switched bodies.

Min Ji-A - Seo-Yeon
Kwon Hyuk-Bum - Chul-Ho
Cho Hyun-Young - Yoon-Ji
Lee Poong-Woon - Min-Woo
Kim Hong-Fa - CEO Han
Kim Bu-Seon - grandmother
Son Kwang-Eop - Section Chief Jo
Nam Jin-Bok - loan shark
Kim Tae-Joon - loan shark big man 1
Park Shin-Ah - loan shark accountant
Seo Seung-Won - woodworking employee
Kim Jae-Man - detective in charge
Ji Chan - detective 1
Nam Tae-Woo - Pan-Soo's gang member 6
Sul Ji-Yoon - attending physician
Kwak Ji-Yoo - nurse
Jo Kyoung-Hyun - bar owner
Kim Young - troublemaker guy 2
Lim Dae-Il - cart bar man 1
Yoon Song-A - homeroom teacher
Jang Jin-Hee - Korean history teacher
Lee Ja-Eun - pianist

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