Download The Accidental Detective 2: In Action (Korean Movie)

By Unknown  |  April 22, 2019

Download The Accidental Detective 2: In Action (Korean Movie)

Movie: The Accidental Detective 2: In Action (English title)
Revised romanization: Tamjung: Riteonzeu
Hangul: 탐정: 리턴즈
Director: Lee Eon-Hee
Writer: Jung Han-Jin, Lee Eon-Hee
Producer: Mo Il-Young, Jung Hong-Hoon
Cinematographer: Ki Se-Hoon
Release Date: June 13, 2018
Runtime: 116 min.
Genre: Comedy / Crime / Thriller / Private Detective
Distributor: CJ Entertainment
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Kang Dae-Man (Kwon Sang-Woo) sells his comic book store and opens up a private investigator agency without telling his wife. No Tae-Soo (Sung Dong-Il) is a former detective and he now works Kang Dae-Man at the private investigator agency. They cooperate with Yeochi (Lee Kwang-Soo) who runs a cyber private investigator agency.

Filming began June 8, 2017 and finished September 11, 2017.
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Seo Young-Hee - Mi-Ok
Choi Duk-Moon - Department Head Kim Jung-Hwan
Lee Il-Hwa - Lee Mi-Sook
Nam Myung-Ryul - Orphanage Director Woo Won-Il
Son Dam-Bi - Yoon Sa-Hee
Choi Sung-Won - Detective Jo Young-Chul
Park Sung-Il - Detective Song Jae-Pil
Jung Yeon-Joo - Seo Hee-Yeon
Oh Hee-Joon - Kim Jae-Min
Kim Sung-Kyu - Lee Dae-Hyun
Kim Joong-Ki - Police Chief
Lee Chung-Hee - female police officer
Park Sung-Yeon - nurse older than Yeochi
Hong Young-Geun - Thai Secretary
Hong Eun-Taek - Gun-Woo
Kim Dong-Wook - Police Captain Kwon Chul-In
Kim Kwang-Kyu - Gwang-Goo
Shin Dam-Soo - Chinese restaurant cook

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